Childbirth Education Classes

If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.

Roberta Scaer

You have a number of childbirth education choices in Columbus, Ohio.  The three of us are all educators for the OhioHealth Network of hospitals.  We teach at various locations including Grady Memorial Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Doctors Hospital, and Destination Maternity at Polaris Fashion Place. 

Class schedules for all of these locations can be found at; however, you may not be able to see the name of the instructor for all the classes.  If you are looking for a class that one of us teaches, please contact us to find out our current schedule.

Not all childbirth classes are created equal, so how can you tell if you are signed up for a class that is worth your time and money?  Our first suggestion is to make sure you are getting a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  A certified childbirth educator will have training on how to communicate the evidence-based information you need to know in a fun and memorable way.  They will also use a variety of teaching styles and methods.  Certified childbirth educators are also required to stay up to date on the latest evidence-based care in order to maintain certification.

Another consideration that you might take into account is if the class is taught in a dad friendly way.  You would need to talk directly to the educator to find this out.  The three of us work hard to make dads feel important to the process and focus class time on  how to support your partner.

Grady Memorial Hospital is the only Lamaze Approved Provider in the state of Ohio!  We would be excited to share with you how this can make a difference to you and for your labor.  Today’s Lamaze is not your Ma’s Lamaze.