Our Mission

To support parents during their own personal journey.

Our Method

We offer services to parents with a philosophy of…

Profound Expertise

All of our doulas are trained by ProDoula, the most rigorous and professional certifying body in the industry.

Nonjudgmental Support

Asking you, “What’s your biggest challenge right now?” and then helping you overcome it.

Absolute Discretion

Entrusted to support high profile clients in Columbus. You can be absolutely positive we won’t be taking any selfies with your baby.

The Columbus Birth & Parenting Difference

It takes a village, but let’s be honest… we want to be selective when it comes to whom we let into said village.

“Nobody taught me how to breastfeed; you just figure it out.  It comes naturally. And if you don’t, just give that baby a bottle.”Your Mom
“Breast is Best!  I nursed my youngest until he was two!  Did you see that breastfed babies are shown to have higher IQs?”Your BFF
“Fed is best. There are lots of ways to feed your baby: breastfeeding, formula feeding, exclusive pumping or a combination of these options. I can help with all of your choices.”Your CBP Doula

Who We Are

CBP started as a dream between doula and client.

Catie Mehl, Founder & Owner of Columbus Birth & Parenting

Not your stereotypical Doula. A revolutionary in the doula industry, and a sacred cow tipper, Catie trains doulas all over the country – over 200 to date.  Her philosophy is considered unique and she challenges others in the profession to strive for excellence. Her expertise: providing support to women by removing the power of cultural pressures and asking “What works best for YOU and YOUR BABY?”


Leah Kayes, Founder of Columbus Birth & Parenting

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Leah is a caretaker at heart. She left corporate America to pursue her passion for working with families. She strives to create classes and services that the meet the needs of modern day professionals who are raising their families differently than how their parents might have.

The Team

Fabulous women who all have one thing in common: they are natural caretakers.

Anna Connair



A true caretaker at heart, Anna has been working as a nurse for over 6 years. She is passionate about supporting families through each new addition, and clients love Anna’s expertise and sweet personality. Anna is a Nurse Midwife graduate student at The Ohio State University.

Melissa George



A lover of life and people, Melissa has a desire to make everyone she meets feel accepted and valued. Melissa once cared for patients at The James before she discovered her passion for birth work and supporting women while she had her own four children. After recently spending a few years overseas, Melissa is glad to be back in OH-IO.

Kirsten Pitini

Doula. Educator.


An energetic and fun mom who loves all things Halloween, clients love Kirsten’s motherly energy. Once a Lamaze certified Childbirth Educator, Kirsten loves teaching and connecting with parents.

Kelli Blinn

Doula. Educator.


A hostess at heart, Kelli finds joy in opening her home to friends and family. Kelli is passionate about fostering the bond between Baby and Parent. As a Lactation Counselor, she assists with common breastfeeding struggles. A mother, wife, and doula – Kelli takes great pride in how she supports others.

Debbie Garverick



A mom and grandma, Debbie is a lover of supporting people by making their life easier, acting as a personal cheerleader, and taking care of all of their needs. As a former childcare provider and preschool teacher, she also loves all things babies and kids!

Jan Schumacher



A mom, stepmom and lover of discovering new eateries in Columbus, Jan’s passion for helping new parents to feel confident has only grown through the years. Jan left corporate America to pursue her passions, and clients love her warm and straightforward approach to support.

Caroline Nagy



Banking was never the right fit for Caroline! After her own 3 children, she found her true calling was supporting growing families. Her passion came from the realization that having support from others is the key to feeling like a confident parent.