New Parents

You’ve just experienced the birth of your first child!

Your emotions range from absolute all consuming bliss to panic, anxiety and fear (sometimes all in the same minute).  You had NO IDEA it would feel this way.  One thing is certain: it feels as if overnight you’ve been launched into a completely different life. 
You’re educated and successful!  This should be a snap!  Except taking care of your new baby and learning what your baby needs requires on-the-job training.  Unfortunately, your sweet bundle and you do not speak the same language!
You find yourself asking questions like…
“Is my baby hungry again?”
“How do I swaddle correctly?”
“Is my baby gassy?”
“How do I cut my baby’s nails?”
“Is my baby overstimulated?”
“How do I calm a fussy baby?”
or “WHY is my baby CRYING!?”

What’s the #1 Thing New Parents Ask Us: “How come NO ONE told me it was going to be this HARD?”

Now imagine…a professional comes to you in your home and listens to YOU and helps you learn how to parent your baby YOUR way.

  • Babies can communicate when they are hungry, tired, gassy, or overstimulated but not in your language. We speak baby and so can you.
  • Breastfeeding is a learned skill and we’re by your side to help with every latch.
  • Bottle feeding? We’ve got the lowdown on all the latest bottles, breast pumps, and formula so you feel confident knowing your baby is getting the very best. #FedIsBest
  • You need time to rest and recover, too, and we’re there to help make that happen. Sleep when the baby sleeps is a real thing when your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula is in the house. She’ll make sure you have yummy snacks, homemade meals, and clean laundry (folded exactly how you want it folded, too!) while you learn to be parents and recover from birth and sleepless nights.
  • Speaking of sleepless nights, our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas are available for day or night care. Not only can you get a full night of sleep but we’ll have breakfast ready for you when you wake up, too.
  • Older siblings often need help adjusting, too. We’re there to help them adjust to a new baby just as much as you.
  • Practical support – first trip out of the house with baby, first doctor’s appointment with baby, and grocery shopping with baby have never been this stress-free.
  • Preparation for return to work – when to introduce the bottle, pumping and safe milk storage and transport, setting up routines and schedules that work for you, your baby, and your family.
Just like when you were beginning your career, some skills need to be taught. But you’re a quick learner and soon you will feel the same confidence again at home that you do at work with a professional Postpartum & Infant Care Doula by your side.
Our most popular packages are our 3-day live-in package, our 100-hour intermittent care package (typically used in the first three weeks), and our 400-hour long term care package (typically used in the first 6 months).  Packages range from $35 to $42 per hour.


We’re happy when our clients are happy…

“It wasn’t until I had my third child that I learned how to swaddle my baby correctly. All this time I assumed my first two just didn’t like the swaddle. She sleeps SO MUCH BETTER!”Beth K.
“Catie taught me how to read my son’s cues – when he was tired, hungry and why he was fussy. She also helped me make the right choices that worked for us and that included options I didn’t know existed. Everyone needs a postpartum doula.”Lisa P.
“Who knew there was more than one way to bathe a baby!?”Rachel O.