Tired Parent

It’s something we all took for granted before children: SLEEP!  Do you find yourself reminiscing about the days when you could sleep until 10:00 a.m. and not be interrupted 110 times during the night by your 6-month-old baby or your defiant toddler?
Your patience is wearing thin, your mood is impacted and you dread nighttime because you know it’s going to be anything but restful. 
This is the life phase that you’re in right now.  It’s challenging.  And yet, if you could just get a good night of restful sleep, everything would feel a little easier.  Parenting is easier when you’re rested.

0 – 4 Months

Get Some Sleep

Ever hear of a night nanny?  Now there’s something better! Book a postpartum doula for a weekly overnight or two (or three or four) to catch up on some much needed rest.

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Older Than 4 Months of Age

Everything feels more manageable after a night of restful sleep. Whether it’s your infant, toddler, or young child creating a hostile sleep environment in your home, we can help. Our sleep support services put your child’s unique needs at the heart of the plan. We learn your challenges and goals and an individualized plan is created for your family. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Goal Setting

We begin with a detailed intake process where we listen to what you’ve tried, the current sleep situation, and where you would like to be. Topics covered: sleep history, sleep environment, schedule and routines, nutritional intake/needs, daily activity, and milestones. From here, we create a completely individualized 10 to 14-day plan just for you.

Step Two: Implementation

Option I: Parent Implementation — Once the plan is written, we will meet with you to cover it in its entirety. We will review all elements of the plan as well as teach you exactly how you will implement it in your home. At this time, all your questions will be answered. You then implement the plan when you are ready to do so.

As you’re implementing the plan, you may find you have follow-up questions. For this reason, we include 1 phone follow-up session (20 minutes) and unlimited email support for 30 days from the tutorial date. This allows us to support you through any issues that arise. $450-$500

Option II: Doula Supported Implementation — Some parents find the process of implementing the sleep plan alone to be daunting. You have the option of having a caring, professional doula in your home for 4 to 14 nights, putting the plan in place either with you or for you. She provides support and consistency during the entire implementation process. $450-$500 + Doula Hourly Rate

Exhausted? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?  If so, let’s schedule a time to discuss.