Experienced Parents

It’s Funny How They’re All Different

You’re an experienced parent… at parenting the children you have.

Your family is growing!  You’re adding a baby and someone is about to be a big brother or sister.  You’re excited, curious and anxious all at the same time.   
The one thing you can count on: your newest addition will have a personality all his or her own.  Temperament is unique to each child and while you’ve become an expert at caring for your older child(ren), you’ll have to attune to your newest’s unique personality as well!
As your family grows, there will be new things to consider:
  • Easing the transition for your older child(ren)
  • Keeping routines in place
  • Creating new routines that accommodate Baby
  • Spending one-on-one time with your older child(ren)
  • Navigating difficult times of day: nap time, meals, witching hour, bedtime
  • SLEEP – getting enough sleep to be all the things you need to be to all the people in your home

Your postpartum doula integrates into your household seamlessly.  She’s there to support the new growing family, not just the newest addition.