I’m Expecting

Congratulations! Whether your journey to pregnancy was easy or arduous, your focus is shifting to all the preparations for your little one’s arrival. You’ve given careful consideration to every detail but there are still uncertainties.

Picture it… You are in the hospital holding your new baby, in awe of the tiniest fingers you’ve ever seen wrapped tightly around yours. Your heart is so full and yet at the same time, you are extremely sore and exhausted. You and Baby are both trying to learn to breastfeed for the very first time and when you start to feel overwhelmed, your baby responds similarly. . .

After a few days in the hospital, you head home to your carefully planned nursery and beautifully folded baby clothes. While relieved to be home, you joke that you can’t believe the hospital left you solely responsible for this little life.

In addition, your tiny new roommate communicates in ways you do not understand. His needs are so different than yours and trying to suss out if his cries are due to hunger, exhaustion or discomfort is beyond confusing. You start to feel as though you are in way over your head but then you remember your CBP Postpartum & Infant Care Doula is scheduled to arrive any minute!

She helps you get comfortable on the couch, brings you a cup of tea and gently guides you through the next feeding with baby. With latch improving, you rest easily because you are confident your baby’s tummy is full. In between caring for your physical recovery needs and translating your baby’s cues, your doula happily answers all your new-parent questions without judgment.

With your doula managing the laundry and dinner preparations, you turn your focus to what’s most important: recovery and bonding.

You’ve hired a professional Postpartum & Infant Care Doula.
She’s your translator & caretaker. 
She delivers peace of mind.

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Preparing For Baby

The Recipe for Success Includes…

Register for Childbirth Education

We’ve got a class for everyone (even those who don’t think they need one).

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Join Our Elite Breastfeeding Class

Come for the lesson and stay for the support. Once you’ve completed the series, you may drop in on any future class when you find yourself needing a little extra support.

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Make a Postpartum Plan

Adding a member to your family is hard. It’s time to plan for new schedules, new routines, and new traditions.

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Labor & Birth Doula

Want additional support from a professional? Our labor & birth doula package is just for you.

We’re not your typical labor & birth doulas. We only attend hospital births and we are passionate about supporting you and whatever type of birth you are planning.

Our doulas are experts when it comes to supporting:

  • Labor and birth with an epidural
  • Unmedicated birth
  • Induced labor
  • Cesarean birth
  • Trial of Labor After Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Families

When it comes to birth, we believe all birth is natural. After all, birth is about becoming a parent (besides, you can’t tell how a kid was born when watching them play on a playground!).

Pregnancy, Labor & Birth Support Investment: $1800