After the birth of a baby, your emotions can range from absolute all-consuming bliss to panic, anxiety, and fear (sometimes all in the same minute). One thing is certain: it feels as if overnight you’ve been launched into a completely different life.

You’re educated and successful! This should be a snap! Except taking care of yourself and your new baby in addition to learning what your baby needs requires on-the-job training. Unfortunately, your sweet bundle and you do not speak the same language nor did he come with an instruction manual. You want the best for your baby and you feel anxious about all the things. 

“Is my baby hungry again?”
"Is my baby overstimulated?
“How do I swaddle correctly?”
“How do I calm a fussy baby?”
or “WHY is my baby CRYING!?”

And let's be real, some babies are just harder than other babies. 

That's where we come in. We get that having a new baby is both one of the most exciting and most difficult things you'll ever do. And we get that being a baby is hard. Really hard, actually. Think about it...almost every single experience is new and helps them to learn and grow and understand the world around them. Especially in the first three months of life. 

We also know parents must first take care of themselves and be cared for before they can fully care for their new baby. Our goal is for you to spend the first year of your baby's life feeling rested, capable, and confident. 

The doulas integrated into our household as if they were a family member. It wasn’t like hiring a stranger. It was like having a family member come in and take care of us but better because it was without all the drama. Jesse, A Third Time Mom
By the end, Caroline was like part of our family. She interacted with my oldest daughter and always treated both children like they were one of her own. She was able to get my infant on a great sleep schedule. I appreciated all the helpful tricks and knowledge she provided. (swaddling techniques, types of bottles/formula to use, feeding schedules, etc.) She was very compassionate and had this soft calming aura about her that I always felt very comfortable around. Kerri, Second Time Mom

What We Do

Picture life after leaving the hospital with your newborn baby.  

During a stressful drive home with your new baby in the back seat, it begins to fully sink in that you've just taken your baby home all by yourselves. The baby hasn't even successfully latched on his own yet but somehow the two of you are supposed to make sure he does? And what if he starts crying again like he did last night? And, oh shit, you have a question and there is no call button anymore...

But then you breathe a sigh of relief because you remember that you'll be greeted by your very own baby care expert, aka your new BFF...a Postpartum Doula, who helps you get unpacked and settled back in at home. By this time, baby is ready to eat and your doula happily takes a look at your nursing baby and explains all the ways you know he is getting enough milk. Or, if you're bottle feeding, she'll help you teach your little guy how to eat at his own pace and how to make feeding time a bonding experience. Then the day just seems to flow from there. 

After a day or so, you start to realize that while the practical help is amazing -- things like making sure that you, your partner, and your baby are all eating well; washing pump parts and bottles; helping you to figure out the right baby gear and gadgets for your family -- there's something more happening. As soon as you start to feel like you're drowning in an ocean of advice from well-meaning family and friends, your new BFF is by your side, helping you sort through all the things and find what works best for you and your baby based on your household's values and lifestyle. 

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that not only are you getting a shower every day but also a daily nap and quality sleep at night?

Simply put, we make life with a baby easier. 

Our desire as postpartum support professionals is to help families thrive once home with their babies. This means having core support during what is commonly known as the “4th trimester” and beyond. Our packages offer a commitment to an infrastructure of care and schedules consistent service on a weekly basis, to be used to complement your family and friends’ support or to act as your primary team. 

Popular Packages:

The Best Start

This package is perfect for those who are planning on breastfeeding, those who want their baby on a schedule, or those with little external support. It is to be used within the first 2 weeks after arriving home with your baby. 

  • 3-Day Live-In starting the day you arrive home from the hospital
  • 10 nights of overnight care (10 hours each night)
  • 6 days of daytime care (5 hours each day)
The Best Start + Some Sleep

This package builds on the above package to bring you 30 additional nights of sleep over a ten week period and 15, 5-hour daytime shifts. 

The Best Start + ALL the Sleep

An additional 16-18 weeks of 7-nights a week overnight care, at which point we can have your little one sleeping through the night, and 30, 5-hour day shifts. 

Investment starts at $7500. Additional hours can be added as needed.

One of our core beliefs is that parents must first take care of themselves and be cared for before they can fully care for their new baby. The best way to care for yourself, both your body and your mind, is to make sure you are getting consistent sleep. You need sleep to function, to maintain your professional edge, and to make smart decisions. 

Popular Packages

Let’s Get ALL the Sleep

We will be with you and your baby from the day you come home from the hospital until the day your baby learns how to sleep through the night. This package includes 7 nights of care per week, 10 hours a night. 

Let’s Get Some MORE Sleep

Five nights a week of overnight care (10 hours a night).

Let’s Get Some Sleep

Three nights of overnight care a week (10 hours a night). 

Investment starts at $760 per week. Additional hours are available upon request. 

Packages start at 5 hours and range in price from $32/hr to $46/hr based on package size. This is the way to go if you want a mixture of daytime, evenings, overnights, and weekends. 

  • Short-Term Care: 5 hours to 99 hours
  • Intermittent Care: 100 hours to 399 hours
  • Long-Term Care: 400+ hours
  • Live-In Care: 24-hour care for 3+ consecutive days
Kirsten was a godsend! She started with us when our twins were one month old and not sleeping at all. Kirsten visited two nights a week which allowed us to get some sleep and retain some sanity.

Kirsten has been professional, caring and knowledgeable throughout all interactions. It was very scary to allow a stranger into our home, overnight while we slept, to care for our month old babies. Not a natural feeling thing to do! I quickly developed a deep trust in Kirsten and think of her as a professional but also a friend.

She exceeded my expectations. She was never judgmental in any way and allowed us to give direction, happily weighing in when asked. We recommend her and CB&P to everyone with a new baby!Stephanie, First Time Mom to Twins