Five Things We Know About: Adding Child #3

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#1: You will suffer from overconfidence:  When sweet baby #3 arrives on the scene, you’re no longer wondering “will I love this baby as much as my first?” because you already know your love is not finite.  You aren’t stressing about things like leaving the hospital, car seats and nipple confusion.  You aren’t really stressing at all.  

And that’s the problem!  

You have two older children running around that distract you beyond belief.  Time moves so quickly between potty breaks, changing activities, gettings snacks and before you know it… 3 hours have gone by and you can’t remember the last time you fed the baby.


#2: Your routines are about to blow up:   With two kids you have routines in place (even if they are loose routines).  Take bedtime for example.  Small things like washing up, brushing teeth, putting on pjs and reading books before bed all happen without much thought at this point.  

Routines are just that – things you don’t have to give much thought to because they are habit.

But your kids are used to these routines.  It helps them to feel safe.  Now add a crying, screaming newborn in the mix whose needs are important RIGHT THIS SECOND and all of a sudden, a typical routine implodes.


#3: Your second child will feel stuck between two worlds: As the second child, they’ve always had an older sibling.  They’ve only ever known how to be #2.  They often try to keep up with their older sibling because they want to be “a big kid too!”  No longer the baby, #2 becomes the middle child, sandwiched between an older sibling and a younger sibling.  The new baby is getting an awful lot of love and affection and that looks pretty appealing too.

Big kid or baby?  Decisions, decisions….  They may decide to be both.  And it will likely change constantly.  


#4: Your oldest will be surprisingly helpful: Remember when #2 arrived and you expected your first born would want to fetch diapers and count baby’s toes with you?  Well, you were wrong on that one but now it actually kind of happens.  Your expectations are low, and it seems out of nowhere the oldest is begging to hold the baby, fetch diapers and clothes and even be on pacifier duty while you’re in the front seat driving.   You’ll notice them take pride and be so into being a helper that they may become territorial over the job position.  


#5: You will enjoy these baby days So. Much. More.:  This isn’t your first rodeo and your confidence is really shining through.  You know that just being yourself and being present with your littles is all they really need.  

With the anxieties of the unknown out of the way, you can count those toes as much as you want and snuggle a little longer.

And if you’re still worried about the housework getting done, keeping your routines in place and having your older children occupied so that you can recover from something KINDA MAJOR like childbirth, call us at Columbus Birth & Parenting.   

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