Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Bottle (well…1 of 2 of them!)

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There are so many choices when it comes to most things baby, and bottles are no exception. Before I was a postpartum doula, when I would walk into a Babies-R-Us I was overwhelmed with the number of bottles to choose from. How could I possibly know which bottle would be the best one for my baby?!

But in my time as a postpartum doula, I have had the opportunity to use almost every bottle on the market.

The one bottle I have found that almost all babies do really well with is Dr. Brown’s.

Whether a family is formula feeding or going back and forth between breast and bottle, Dr. Brown’s bottles seem to be ideal. I’ve noticed babies tend to have a little less gas with them and smaller burps. And I have yet to feed a baby who did not like their bottles.

It might seem silly, but I also find them the easiest to hold, especially the smaller sized ones.

Additionally, I love that they have both glass and plastic (BPA free) options available.

Next week we’ll highlight our favorite bottle for parents who mostly or exclusively pump.

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