Getting Prepared for Baby


You have all the things. Now, let’s get them organized.

You just had a baby shower and you have all the things you need for your new baby. But how do you organize everything from your baby registry to fit in with your current living space? Which baby clothes do you take the tags off of? What do you need in the nursery and what items are better suited for common living areas? Do you need a feeding station? What even is a feeding station?

Many parents can feel overwhelmed with the amount of things needed for baby. But not you. You’ve hired an experienced baby organizer to come in, learn about you and your home, gain an understanding about what your goals are for feeding, sleep, and play, and explain all of your options for getting organized. She’ll then give you a game plan for getting organized or come in and get it all done for you!

The process:

  1. Contact us to set up a 1-hour, in-home consultation for us to establish your goals and get a lay of the land.
  2. After your consultation you’ll be sent an individualized plan with all the steps you need to feel organized and prepared for baby.
  3. Still feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry! Your game plan will include a quote for one of our baby & parenting experts to come in and get you and your household organized so you feel fully prepared for the arrival of your new family member.

Initial Investment: $175