Not Your Mom’s Childbirth Class

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I’ve been teaching childbirth education classes in Columbus, Ohio for over a decade and while I’ve seen many changes to how labor and birth are done here, one change is beginning to stand out to me more and more: a growing distrust or questioning of doctors and hospitals.

Some healthy skepticism is understandable and warranted, for sure. And I’ve also seen when it can also be taken to a place where it affects a person’s ability to effectively communicate one’s wishes or even create a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially in birth.

Much of this skepticism comes from having more knowledge and access to such a wide variety of information thanks to the Google and some come from heavily biased — which can be a good or bad bias depending on your perspective — sources such as The Business of Being Born. Many of these more biased websites and films portray hospital birth like a battle ground for many, if not all, pregnant women but especially those who would like a “natural” birth experience.

Here’s the thing though. Most people feel safest giving birth in a hospital with an OB. So my job as a reality based childbirth educator and doula is to not only teach people about their options in pregnancy, labor, birth, and the first weeks after having a baby, but also to teach them how to realistically achieve their goals and how to best communicate with their doctors so they have a strong relationship in place if anything should hit the fan in the middle of a major life event that is outside of anyone’s control.

Because while birth is a natural event, so are tornados. We can’t control what happens during either one but we can prepare. And we can make sure our primary support person feels prepared too.

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