Pregnancy is both an exciting and overwhelming time in your life. Your body is changing in ways you never imagined and you're feeling a mixture of emotions you never expected to feel. In addition to this, everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should be doing and feeling, how you should give birth, and how you should parent.
Everyone, that is, except us.

We know building a support team for your baby is a big decision and you probably want to speak with us.

We want to speak with you, too!

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From the moment you peed on a stick, you've done a fabulous job at caring for your physical health and well-being, and that of the growing baby inside of you. You've scheduled an appointment with your doctor, stopped drinking, and have even given up some of your favorite cheeses. 

But what are you doing to care for your emotional needs? How are you nurturing yourself?

While we do not provide medical care or deliver your baby, we are a critical part of your pregnancy care team. Our support delivers a peace of mind lacking for most expecting and new parents in our current health care model (and for understandable reasons!). Because of this, Columbus Birth & Parenting maintains professional relationships with many Columbus area OBs, midwives, and pediatricians so that together we deliver high-tech, high-touch care. 

Our support specialists are expertly trained, insured, and represent the best professional doulas & childbirth educators Columbus has to offer. 

After your complimentary consultation with CBP owner and doula matchmaker extraordinaire, Catie Mehl, you will be paired with your perfect professional support team. Once you meet your doulas, you’ll immediately feel a sense of relief.

Your confidence as a parent grows knowing you have retained two compassionate and reliable support professionals. Women who are available to you 24/7. Who will hear you and will support you in the way that you need in that moment, day or night. 

Your doulas will help you feel more calm and in control of your pregnancy.

When your family is stressing you out, give your doula a call. She will hear you out and give you options based on what you’re needing (a shoulder to cry on, brainstorming solutions, language to help with communication & boundaries, etc.).

When you’re unsure about a test or procedure your doctor or nurse-midwife wants to perform, your doulas will help you identify what you’re feeling and why. If needed, you’ll feel prepared to have a productive and respectful conversation with your care provider at your next appointment.  

When you can’t sleep because you’re feeling anxious about an unexpected pregnancy complication, you are comforted knowing all you have to do is pick up the phone and there’ll be someone on the other end of the line who never says “Well, at least…”. 

Throughout the birth process, just like in your pregnancy, your doulas will help you to feel heard, respected, cared for, and loved. (Also known as the four essential ingredients for a positive birth experience.) 

As you start to feel contractions, your doulas will help you to determine if it is the real thing or a false alarm, so you can be confident when calling your family to let them know it’s baby time. 

In the unfamiliar hospital room, your doula is a familiar face. She brings a sense of calm to you and your partner, helping them to confidently support you knowing their trusty wingwoman is by their side.

Additionally, after your baby arrives, you feel safe in knowing your privacy will be respected when you’re in need of a referral to a postpartum mental health professional.

And no matter how you gave birth, you felt heard, respected, cared for, and loved. You know you are starting off parenthood more connected to your partner and confident in not only your ability to be a parent but in their ability as well. 

We’ve been supporting birthing families in Columbus, Ohio since 2003. Our goal is to make sure you feel heard, cared for, respected, and loved throughout your pregnancy and birth. You are growing a human being inside of your body, after all! Let us nurture you. 

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No more wasting time in group classes, going over information you read about weeks ago. 

We offer a unique approach to childbirth, newborn care, and breastfeeding education with classes tailored to you and your partner. You have the option to pick one of our childbirth education packages, with the ability to add additional topics or spend more time on something (like massage practice!) or create your own by selecting from a comprehensive list of topics.

The best part? We come to you and schedule the class around your time. 


All the Things 
A comprehensive childbirth education class, hands-on practice, newborn care, and breastfeeding basics. Ideal for first-time parents or those wanting to do things drastically different than a previous birth and postpartum experience.

I’ll Take the Epidural, Please!
Everything you need to know about labor up until your epidural is placed and what to expect after, including ways to maximize the benefits of an epidural.

Low-Tech Labor & Birth 
Planning a low-tech birth is about more than breathing and positions (those these things are important, too!). This class dives into everything you and your partner need to know if you’re planning on an epidural-free birth.

High-Tech Labor & Birth
Do you know you will be induced or are you planning a cesarean birth? You’ll finish this class feeling ready for the big day and excited to meet your baby!

Schedule your class today. 

You have all the things. Now, let’s get them organized.

Your baby shower is just a few weeks away and you’re about to be up to your neck in baby gear. The sudden overwhelm is intense. How do you organize everything from your baby registry to fit in with your current living space? Which baby clothes do you take the tags off of? What do you need in the nursery and what items are better suited for common living areas? Do you need a feeding station? What even is a feeding station?

Many parents are shocked by the number of things needed for a baby (or two…or three…or…). But not you. You’ve hired an experienced baby organizer to come in, learn about you and your home, gain an understanding about what your goals are for feeding, sleep, and play, then she’ll explain all of your options for getting organized. From there you’ll be given a written plan for getting organized or we can get it all done for you!

Catie helped my husband feel like he could help me and be a bigger part of the delivery than he has ever been before.

I am so glad we used this service, it made my third and final birth experience one that I can look back on and feel really good that it went so well.Lyndsie, A Third Time Mom

We didn’t want to do group classes, and I love that they will teach in the comfort of your own home. Additionally the material can be catered to exactly what you want to learn, so you don’t have to waste any time.

Immediately I felt a connection to Catie. Very down to earth, modest, but she definitely is an expert in this area. My husband is a physician, my mother a nurse, and we all found the sessions extremely beneficial. Perrine, A First Time Mom