Pregnancy & Birth Support

We don’t deliver your baby but we DO deliver your peace of mind.

Pregnancy and birth can be both an exciting and an overwhelming time in your life. Your body is changing in ways you never imagined and you may be feeling a mixture of emotions you never expected to feel. In addition to this, everyone seems to have an opinion about what you “should” be doing and feeling, how you “should” give birth, and how you “should” parent. Everyone, that is, except your doula.

Our job is to get to know you, your spouse, your hopes, your fears, and your goals. Once you’ve shared your story with us, we are able to pair you with specialists who will meet your individual support needs fully. We are by your side throughout your pregnancy, helping answer your questions and act as a source of support and understanding. You have a lot of options here in Columbus when it comes to prenatal care and testing, labor support, and pain management techniques. In addition to being a walking dictionary of all of your options, we also have specialized training in communication techniques. With a Columbus Birth & Parenting doula by your side, you’ll be well educated and well equipped to communicate your hopes and wishes with all the members of your medical care team (nurse, OB, nurse-midwife).

Our specialists are trained, certified, and insured professionals who believe that all birth is natural, and regardless of the specific birth you have, the result is newfound parenthood. Research shows that three things contribute to a positive birth experience for the woman in labor: 1. being an active participant in the care she receives and the decisions that need to be made for her and her unborn child, 2. feeling loved and cared for, and 3. feeling supported in the decisions she has to make. Achieving these three elements is our goal with every single one of our clients at every single birth.

Our doulas are experts when it comes to supporting:

  • Hospital birth
  • Induced labor
  • Labor and birth with an epidural
  • Unmedicated labor & birth
  • Cesarean birth
  • Trial of Labor After Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Support persons (spouse, partner, mother, sister, friend)

The Process

First, contact us and we’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire that helps us to get to know you, your partner, and what you’re looking for during the birth of your baby. This also allows us to match you with the perfect doula team for you and your spouse. You’ll have the chance to meet with your doula team at complementary initial consultation.

Once you have connected with your perfect doula team, they will be available to you during your pregnancy to answer  your questions and to provide a listening ear.

Preparing for Baby’s Arrival:

Prenatal appointments with your doula team will walk you through your upcoming birth so you know what to expect from start to finish. If you have specific desires for the birth, your doula team will assist in helping you create a collaborative environment with your care-provider to address your preferences.

The big day:

Your doula will be a continuous presence, providing you with unconditional support every step of the process. In early labor you will receive unlimited phone support from your on-call doula. When you feel you need more than phone support, your doula will join you in your home or the hospital to provide face-to-face emotional and physical support. She will guide you in movement and breath while utilizing a variety of comfort techniques.

In the event that medical issues require more technology during labor and birth, your doula team will help you understand how to work within the parameters needed to keep you and your baby safe, while still having a voice in the birth room. Additionally, your doula serves as support for your spouse or support person, allowing them to take a break during birth without ever leaving you unattended.



  • Initial consultation
  • Phone and email support during normal business hours until 37 weeks
  • One prenatal appointment to review your goals and wishes for your labor and birth
  • 24/7 on-call support starting at 37 weeks
  • Unlimited phone support in early labor & face-to-face support after you’ve arrived at the hospital
  • Follow-up phone call 24 hours after birth
  • One 1-hour postpartum visit within 10 days of the birth
  • Investment: $1400

Premium Support

  • Initial consultation
  • Unlimited phone and email support from the moment you become a client
  • Two prenatal appointments. The first to review your goals and wishes for your labor and birth and the second to create a postpartum plan so you feel confident when bringing baby home
  • 24/7 on-call support starting as soon as you become a client
  • Unlimited phone support in early labor & face-to-face support when you say the word
  • Follow-up phone call 24 hours after birth
  • One 1-hour postpartum visit within 10 days of the birth
  • Investment: $1800
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