What’s better than a Baby Nurse?

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Baby NurseMany new parents have found tremendous benefit in hiring a newborn care specialist. Sometimes referred to as a baby nurse, night nurse, or night nanny, they do exactly what their title suggests: care for newborns. Newborn care specialists focus on all things baby: feeding, diapering, sleep, and baby laundry. For decades, exhausted parents have especially benefitted from overnight newborn care offered by many newborn care specialists.

So what could be better than someone who helps you take care of your baby, does your baby’s laundry, and lets you get a full night of sleep?

The answer: someone who does all of those things and more.  A postpartum doula is trained to help you with common breastfeeding issues and can help you get that latch just right.  A postpartum doula keeps up on your laundry, prepares nutritious snacks and meals, keeps the dishes clean and your older kids engaged and on routine.  

A postpartum doula’s focus is on the entire household and her goal is to keep it running so that you may adjust to your new normal.

We are not just here to support your newborn’s needs. You matter too, as do others in your household. This is an extraordinary time – growing your family – and it is our job to ensure every member of the family feels supported and well cared for.  

What better way to lay a strong foundation for raising your new addition — through love and support for the entire family?

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